Scottish 4000ers. The Cairngorm 4000ers

27th July 2018
29th July 2018
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Scottish 4000ers. The Cairngorm 4000ers



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Scottish 4000ers. The Cairngorm 4000ers

There are many stunning and magical mountain days to be experienced in Scotland but at SO we feel that the Scottish 4000,s mountains will allow you to experience first hand the breathtaking beauty of the landscape whilst undertaking a serious challenge that will leave a life long impression.

Scotland has 9 mountains over the height of 4000ft which are located in the two mountain regions.5 are situated in the Cairngorm Range and the other 4 are situated 50 miles to the west in the Ben Nevis range – commonly known as the ‘Lochabers 4000ers. Typically these two mountain regions can be done together into a 4 or 5 day trip but similarly they can be done as separate challenges done over two days respectively. For those wanting to do the very tough challenge each of the regions can be done as individual day trips. We offer all these as bespoke options though Option A and B are our most popular